There are thousands of nerve endings in the hands and feet. Reflexology can work the entire body by stimulating reflex points on the hands and feet. Traditional Reflexology can help to:


  • increase circulation
  • restore balance
  • enhance well being
  • promote relaxation
  • reduce pain
  • remove congestion
  • improve digestion
  • Relieve Stress


Emotional Reflexology

Emotional Reflexology is a more in-depth technique that combines reflexology, aromatherapy and healing affirmations. This technique works with the conscious and subconscious to help release fears, pain and other traumas. Essential oils and blends are used for reflex areas to address specific emotions associated with the areas. Clients may be given positive affirmations to help them through the emotions and to gain positive outcomes.
  • Reflexology can also be added to other treatments for an additional fee.
  • Additional charges may apply for outcalls.
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